Hashtags. We love to use them....and overuse them. Not familiar with the popular use of hashtags? Alice suggests Googling it. That's what she had to do when she first joined Twitter.
~Sign Language~
We use a word surrounded with ~'s to indicate that it's being signed.
The Bears
We all have bears that we mention often:
  • Inventory Bear (or iBear) - Alice's Bear.
  • Coco and Choco (Brothers) - Jace's Bears
  • Claverly - Pippa's Bear
  • The Cinnamon Bear - A holiday radio program that first aired in 1937. No official affiliation with AJP, but it's awesome and more people should know about it.
Facebook-Post-Chatting. This is how we do our show. It started by accident and we just kept doing it.
Our Network. Founded by Byron and Katrina.
KatrinaVision After Dark
Mind Reading
It happens a lot - often with a hashtag.
We like to identify that things are not something else. Often combined with a hashtag. The origin is too long and boring to get into, but you may see it used in multiple ways. Ex: #ShrimpIsNotChicken or more simply #NotChicken