• J: ‎(apparently, i've grown too tired for the use of capitals)
    A: ‎(but not too tired for parentheses! #win)

  • J: This is going to be the first Facebook comment chain that is struck by lightning…

  • J: They should make Pippa supplements, so you can take them when your diet is a little light on the Pippa.

  • J: well, it appears that our viewing audience is strangely reticent to step into the limelight
    A: Sometimes it's more fun to be a stalker. (Ummmm......so I've heard)

  • A: Remember to tip your waitress! Unless she yells at you and calls you a number!

  • P: The new segment is the Alice and Pippa show! We have tea in this segment. Obviously.
    A: Tea Time with Alice and Pippa!

  • P: I'm Alice reminding you…
    J: ‎...buy your diet coke in bulk.

  • *Note: Jace was rehearsing for a dance performance where the character he was portraying was racist*
    J: Then, I checked my racist face in the mirror when I got back to my car....‎...I was adorable
    P: Jace I'm Not Arrogant Jones
    A: ‎"Starring Jace - The Adorable Racist"